Asana Unveils AI Teammates to Tackle Complex Workflows and Elevate Teamwork

June 5, 2024

Asana's Proprietary Data Model, The Work Graph®, Provides the Ideal Structure for AI Teammates to Collaborate with People in the Flow of Work, Power Customized Workflows, Triage Risks, Action Projects, and Reallocate Work to Achieve Goals Faster

SAN FRANCISCO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Jun. 5, 2024-- Asana, the #1 AI work management platform, today announced Asana AI teammates, adaptable artificial intelligence collaborators that help teams maximize their impact and achieve goals faster. Infinitely customizable, AI teammates advise on priorities, power workflows, and even take action on work - all while adapting to the unique ways that individuals and teams work. With humans in the loop every step of the way, people have full transparency and control over how AI teammates support work.

Asana AI teammates, currently in beta, are built on Asana’s Work Graph® data model, which provides the ideal structure, visibility, and context for organizations to scale AI with confidence. The Work Graph’s ability to link work and workflows to higher level company objectives sets it apart. This means AI teammates are able to collaborate with people and take action with the relevant context and rules of engagement, unlike other AI solutions that aimlessly scour vast amounts of data and take action based on unreliable information.

Asana AI teammates:

  • Advise teams where to focus by surfacing insights around potential risks to achieving goals
  • Action work and workflows at scale by taking on tasks, triaging requests, and assigning work
  • Adapt to how you work by identifying where workflows are broken or could be improved based on organizational best practices and sharing relevant resources to inform work

The future of work is about combining humans and AI to work together effortlessly - this is the way to drive productivity and innovation gains that bring value to the bottom line, says Dustin Moskovitz, co-founder and CEO at Asana. “We’re able to do this better than anyone else because we built Asana on the Work Graph, which provides the necessary structure to link work and workflows to organizational goals. This is what makes AI teammates highly effective coworkers.

With AI teammates, the level of customization is limitless. Workflows can be tailored for every role, every process, and every industry, and humans are in the loop every step of the way to ensure visibility and control. They can even be used in a “multi-player state where multiple people can collaborate together with AI in real time on the same work.

Asana customers are using AI teammates to tackle critical business workflows, like product launches, strategic planning, new hire onboarding, creative production, and many more. Examples of use cases currently underway with customers include:

  • Creative Production: A leading outdoor advertising company is turning to AI teammates to transform the creative request process so they can focus on creative flow and design. AI teammates are:
    • Triaging incoming requests and proactively gathering missing information
    • Assigning work to specific people based on context
    • Assisting with initial client research
    • Improving reporting quality with consistent data
  • Marketing Campaign Work Intake: A global cybersecurity company is turning to AI teammates to help execute projects and campaigns faster, freeing up workers to focus on more strategic work. AI teammates are:
    • Crafting on-brand, tailored marketing content
    • Translating content using their internal library of brand terms
    • Highlighting key information about incoming requests for faster prioritization
    • Enforcing naming conventions to improve cross-tool compatibility

Today, Asana is also announcing a new AI chat interface, which provides intelligent conversational assistance, and helps get work done. Coming this month, customers will be able to ask things like, “What blockers are putting this goal at risk” or “Who at my company knows about this topic”, and the AI teammate helps create plans and assign work with human oversight.

“Research is already showing us that 89% of workers who use AI on a daily basis experience productivity gains,” says Alex Hood, Chief Product Officer at Asana. “Pairing humans with AI has dramatically boosted our collective productivity. Customers are thrilled, and we're uncovering endless new use cases as people delegate tasks to their Asana AI teammates, freeing them to focus on high-impact work.”

At Palo Alto Networks, we see a future where AI becomes an integrated teammate working alongside our employees to unlock new levels of productivity, drive innovation, and deliver results, says Meerah Rajavel, CIO at Palo Alto Networks. Asana's AI capabilities have the potential to help us realize our vision of becoming an AI-powered workforce, redefining what's possible for the future of work and strengthening our position as the cybersecurity partner of choice.

At Anthropic, we envision a future where trusted AI is developed and used responsibly to empower workers, enhance human capabilities, and benefit society as a whole,” says Dianne Penn, Product Manager at Anthropic. “By prioritizing transparency, trust, and collaboration between humans and AI, we can create systems that serve as supportive teammates, augmenting human intelligence rather than replacing it. We have the opportunity to unlock newfound realms of productivity, creativity, and potential - ultimately building a future where cutting-edge technology and human ingenuity combine to help us all reach new heights.

Since launching generative AI solutions a year ago, Asana has continued to deliver on its AI roadmap, underpinned by frontier models from the leading AI labs like Anthropic and OpenAI. To learn more about the use of AI among enterprises - including today’s pressing challenges and opportunities - read Asana’s 2024 State of AI at Work report here.

Asana AI teammates are currently in beta with select enterprise customers. Discover more at Asana's Work Innovation Summit San Francisco and join the waitlist at

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